21st November 2020

9.30am-10.00amProf. Yoko KatoJapanRecent treatment of cerebral aneurysm
10.00am-10.30amProf. Tsuyoshi IzumoJapanSurgical management for recurrent cerebral aneurysms
10.30am-11.00amProf. Sridhar KrishnamurthyIndiaDecision making in the management of Aneurysms
11.00am-11.30amProf. Ryo YoshimuraJapan Baiout Techniques of Coil Embolization for Cerebral Aneurysms
11.30am-12.00pmProf. Hiro NakatomiJapanGiant Fusiform and Dolichoectatic Aneurysms of the Basilar Trunk and Vertebrobasilar Junction-Clinicopathological and Surgical Outcome
12.00pm-12.30pmProf. VanHe DongVietnam                
12.30pm-1.00pmProf. Ahmed AnsariIndia
1.00pm-1.30pmProf. Shinichi YoshimuraJapanFlow diverter treatment for cerebral aneurysm
1.30pm-2.00pmProf. Fuminari KomatsuJapanEndoscopic keyhole surgery;  a new trend for brain tumor and neurovascular compression syndrome
2.00pm-2.30pmProf. Miki FujimuraJapanDiagnosis and management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: Update
2.30pm-3.00pmProf.  Michihiro TanakaJapanThe shape of aneurysms associated with the cisternal anatomy
3.00pm-3.30pmProf. Gopal Raman SharmaNepalSurgical management of ruptured cerebral aneurysms
3.30pm-4.00pmProf. Naoto KimuraJapanAdjunctive technique for coil embolization 
4.00pm-4.30pmProf. Abhidha ShahIndiaRationalising treatment strategy for complex aneurysms
4.30pm-5.00pmProf. Tomotaka OhshimaJapanFundamental tips of coil embolization for intracranial aneurysms
5.00pm-5.30pmProf. Takuro InoueJapanTips for the uncommon type of microvascular decompression
5.30pm-6.00pmDr. Sachin ChemateIndiaRetrospective analysis of radiological and clinical comparison of flow diverter versus stent assisted coiling for intracranial aneurysm 
6.00pm-6.30pmProf. Anuj BhideIndia 
6.30pm-6.50pm1st Winner YNS VietnamVietnam  
6.50pm-7.10pm2nd Winner YNS Vietnam   
7.10pm-7.20pm3rd Winner YNS Vietnam   
7.20pm-7.30pmClosing remarks by Prof. Yoko Kato, Prof. Krishna Sharma and Prof. Vanhe Dong for Day 1